Backup Now.


Test your backups. A backup is only good if you can restore from it.

March 31 each year is World Backup Day and depending on yours needs you can likely find some good promotions on backup solutions.

Acronis has an offer located at and I’m sure throughout the course of the day other offers will percolate up to your field vision through one of your feeds. In the past, I’ve seen report on the various offers.

My backup methodology?…. has been built out of paranoia of losing everything and using tools I’ve come across over the years. And yes, at one point, I’ve lost everything due to a failing drive back in 2004.

Nomad, the aging Lenovo U310 Ultrabook running Windows 10 Pro, uses a few various way to back up the data I need backed up.

Backup using File History will backup the files I use on a daily basis to a spare external 500 GB HDD. This spare HDD is encrypted via Bitlocker.

Macrium Reflect (Free), is used on an as need basis doing an image backup of Nomad’s primary disk.

OneDrive is becoming more useful. Built into Windows 10 (whether you like it or not) is where I store document that need to be accessed across the various devices I use throughout the course of the day. Dropbox and Box accounts are also configured on Nomad as well.

I do not store Banking, Tax or any other sensitive information on cloud storage.

Photos. This is where a little bit of my paranoid backup thinking kicks in. If I lost everything else, I’d still want to retain the 100’s of gigabytes of family photos and videos taken over the years.

When I take a photo with Noki, the Nokia 6.1, Google Photos does it’s thing and backs it up to their storage, and as well, Dropbox transfers it to the Camera Uploads directory on their storage.

Workstation-001 a Windows 10 Pro VM running on a quickly re-purposed desktop with ESXi 6.5 will then transfer photos once a day to a _SORT-THIS/Photos directory on a mapped drive.

That mapped drive lives on server-001 in a separate data volume. That volume is software mirrored across to physical drives.

That data drive also has data deduplication running, thus allowing for save disk space savings.

That data volume is then backed up to a iSCSI disk mounted from a WD My Cloud EX2 device that pretty much sits on top of the re-purposed desktop.

The WD My Cloud EX2 device also hosts the backup of workstation-001.

My next step is to backup the family photos directory to some long term cloud solution like AWS Glacier or Azure Archive Backup or Google Cloud Storage.

In the even of a catastrophic failure across the disks serving Nomad, workstation-001, server-001 and the WD My Cloud EX2 NAS, would then at least be able to put in a request to one of the above services to restore the photos.

So, that’s the overly complex backup strategy that my brain has come up over the years. Suggestions on how to simplify this backup strategy of mine? Feel free to use the comments section below.


Update: Amazon is having a Gold Box sale in celebration of World Backup Day