The 0 Bytes Available on C:\ was plaguing Streamy for months.

Streamy, the HP Stream 13 that was purchased some years ago for the eldest is still able to do the basics, and for the eldest, that means playing Roblox.

If you know anything about the HP Stream series, you know that the included drive space is very, very little. In this case the disk is a maximum of 32 GB.

Getting Windows 10 1809 on that device during the annual tech support vacation (aka known as Christmas vacation), was a painful experience consisting of reverting windows to a fresh install, patching, cleaning up the patches to make disk space available and then getting 1809 installed, cleaning up the space the 1809 install used and then install applications the eldest “needs”, which includes Roblox.

Fast forward 3 months, and while helping the eldest with homework, Streamy was plagued by performance issues for even the simplest web browsing research.

We had run into this before. We had wondered why 4 GB of free disk space kept on getting lower and lower and lower.

Turning on Windows 10 Storage Sense to be very aggressive and running CCleaner every day only seemed to free up 60 MB at any given time.

What I find curious, is the fact that Windows wasn’t alert that disk wasn’t getting low. It kept on working to the best of it’s ability.

The only clue I could find was when running WinDirStat. When completing the analysis I could see that space as being used up in those directories.

Which was odd, all downloaded items, pictures, video etc. were moved to a 128 GB Sandisk USB drive.

A Duckduckgo search revealed nothing. A Google Search revealed this Reddit post

At least now, I had a hint where to look. Drilling down in to

C:\Users\YOURUSERHERE\AppData\Local\Packages\ROBLOXCorporation.Roblox_55nm5eh3cm0pr\LocalState\http revealed the following:

73,000+ Log Files Generated by Roblox

… I’m not sure what the logic is that Roblox needs log files from 3 months ago, or that there is no logic in Roblox to clean up log files after a certain amount of time.

Since I didn’t have a clear understanding of what would happened if I deleted the log files, I moved them to the 128 GB Sandisk USB drive.

~ 4 GB of disk space freed up and Roblox continues to work. A cursory glance at the Roblox settings didn’t seem to reveal any log deletion options. Perhaps I missed it?

Either way, now that we know where to look, I’ll be looking at a way to automatically delete files older than 7 days in this directory. I dont’ see any options in Windows Storage Sense to clean up specific directories such as the one Roblox uses, so I’ll probably try using Belvedere which Lifehacker wrote about years ago. You can find that article here: .