In the never ending quest to at least think I’m trying to be a little bit more healthier, I’ve been trying to find a protein bar that provides a greater than normal amount of protein, stave off the occasional bought of “hangry” 🙂 and not bankrupt the food budget.

My normal work week meal routine is this:

Breakfast: Plain Greek Yogurt, Plain Oatmeal with cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey.

1 – 2 hours later – Snack 1: Fruit snack pack

1 – 2 hours later – Snack 2: Protein Bar

1 – 2 hours later – Lunch: Double Fiber Whole Wheat Bread, 3 slices of deli turkey breast and pepperjack cheese

1 – 2 hours later – Snack 3: Vegetable snack pack

1 – 2 hours later – Snack 4: Protein Bar

1 – 2 hours later after arriving home: steamed vegetables, quinoa and sometimes a portion appropriate serving spaghetti.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried the normal types of granola bar from Nature Valley, the generic granola bars the local grocers, name brand protein bars such as Protein One and generic granola bars that have the word “protein” on the packaging.

While all those were fine, I came across the One Protein bars in my local grocers pharmacy/sports nutrition aisle.

I bought the Blueberry Cobbler (Not Your Grannie’s Cobbler) as my taste buds have always been partial to blueberries.

I’m pretty sure my Grannie’s cobbler didn’t come in the form of a snack bar.
The Blueberry Cobbler Nutrition Facts.
The lonely entry of a Blueberry Cobbler in the Fitbit app.

The taste buds were tantalized, and I believe that these protein bars were able to do the job of staving off the hangriness and helping to provide consistent energy through the work day.

This led me to try other flavours – Cinnamon Roll, One Basix Cookie Dough Chocolate Chunk (shown below):

Let’s Roll.
The Cinnamon Roll Nutrition Facts
The One Basix Cookie Dough Chocolate Chunk
The “I had a hard time balancing this for the photo” One Basix Nutrition Facts.

Not shown – Maple Glazed Doughnut (Glazed and Amused) and Birthday Cake (Happy Birthday.)

The Birthday Cake Flavour: What can I say about the Birthday Cake Flavour?…. Maybe the kids will like it?

Affordability: For me, these One Protein bars cost ~2.00 USD (not including taxes). While not cheap, at this time it doesn’t break the food budget while providing a tasty guard against hangriness.

Checking the website (as of March 2019), it seems a new flavour will be released soon – Peanut Butter Cup (That’s What’s. Cup.)

Disclaimer: IANAN (I Am Not A Nutritionist). The above One Protein Bars work for my needs at the moment. You need to do what works for you.

Suggestions? Comments? Leave them in the comments below.